7-23-09: Roubini Says "Perfect Storm" Likely To Create Double-Dip Recession

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    " The global economy may fall back into a recession by late 2010 or 2011 because of rising government debt, higher oil prices and a lack of job growth, said Nouriel Roubini, the New York University economist who predicted the credit crisis."

    Does anybody here trade looking at late 2010?
  2. Yes, and he is correct but does not state the depth of the moves ahead.
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    He gave you the time frame - now you want the depths?
  4. I have those. His time frame is messed up too.
  5. Check out that Bloomberg add for the Lo booklet.... lol...

    Heres a peek:

    14 Conviction: Countering the Skeptics and the Scoundrels
    --The validity of technical analysis
    --Acceptance by academics
    --Sustaining confidence while sustaining losses
    --Literature versus experience
    --Hard and fast rules and proven theories
    --Wider applications for technical analysis
    --Proving the validity of technical analysis

    15 The Evolution of Technical Analysis
    --Evolution of the craft
    --New indicators and patterns
    --Computer software and the craft
    --Computer-generated signals
    --Hand-drawn charts

    16 Luck, Astrology, and Other Unsanctioned Signs
    --The role of luck in technical analysis
    --Astrology and the credibility of the craft
    --Elliott wave, Gann’s postulates, and Fibonacci numbers

    17 Creativity, Talent, and the Art of the Craft
    --The Role of Creativity
    --A talent for technical analysis
    --Personality traits of the highly successful
    --Hard work and dedication
    --Analysis as art

    18 The Challenge of Emotions
    --Losing money
    --Emotional interference
    --Separating emotions from the work

    19 The Path to Success
    --Artificial intelligence
    --The key to success

    20 Favorite Patterns and Indicators
    --Most and least reliable indicator
    --The effect of market conditions
    --Indicative versus descript
  6. Of course not.
    And that is why this kind of information is totally useless for those of us that trade every single day.
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    Jack, As I remember, your anticipation of the market moves of 2008 were quite accurate. It seems the market moves of the past year could pale in comparison to the upcoming moves. Would you share your thoughts on the depth of the moves ahead and the corresponding time frame?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

  8. It's not going to be September 2008 again. Just going to be a slow and painful recovery.
  9. But are we turning Japanese?

    That's what I would love to know, because then I'd become a fearless trader (well, maybe).
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