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  1. 7/11 = date of India terror attack AND place of employment for East Indians.
  2. Good to see you got your white hooded robe back from the cleaners.
  3. LOL - us racists gotta stick together...

    and trade forex forex. :D

  4. Not politically correct, but quite funny.
  5. I didn't mean to sound racist, I guess the wording of my original post is bad. During the TV broadcast of this news event they flashed the date across the screen - 7/11 - Most 7/11's in my area are run by East Indians. Even the Simpsons has an East Indian running a 7/11 type of store.

    9/11 = terrorist attack against USA AND dial 911 for emergency. Both combinations of numbers are very easy to remember.

  6. Wow, even the simpsons? You are on to something.
  7. Do not joke/ make fun of/ offend/ stereotype anybody unless they are white. If you do, you will be falsely accused of being a bigot, racist, klansman, etc.

    Gotta love the modern definition of "Politically Correct". Thanks libs! :(
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    Actually, it is quite acceptable to do all of the above to black people if...... they are a republican.:D
  9. :D
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    most will retire in a hell of alot better shape then your accusers (in general, perhaps not those here specifically)
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