6month yield 4.47 30yr yield 4.47

Discussion in 'Economics' started by stocon, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Can someone fill me in on the possible implications of the situation? Isn't this bad for stocks? Doesn't appear to be. Tia Steve
  2. If it inverts, it's bad for banks. If it's flat, someone out there believes long-term rates will be heading lower for whatever reason, theoretically. My personal theory is foreign central banks have way too much faith/way too much to lose in the U.S. Dollar.
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    Could their faith in the US and the dollar be as simple as natural boundaries. It's looking quite muddled over there on the other side of the Atlantic with the Muslim issue where Europe/India are extremely vunerable. China could pop at any time with some sort of financial/ geopolitical/ domestic problem, so maybe we are some kind of a safe haven just a thought. If we go down the tubes won't we drag the rest with us anyway?