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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Trendguy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Trendguy


    Does anyone know of a chat room where Traders who trade the 6E Euro Futures meet + chat + trade together ???
    If so, please email details: tradethetrend at acanac net
  2. i'm interested too if we can't find one do you want to start one?

    I'm experienced6^E trader from way back ground zero.
  3. ddav


    Interested. 6E and DX work the same.
  4. wrbtrader


  5. Is this a room or did you just make this?

    Is thissafe?
  6. wrbtrader


    I do not own twitter nor stocktwits although I wish I did.

    Same with facebook. Simply, I did not make them up. :D

    Are they safe?

    Yeah, I think so. Also, it's not a room like a traditional chat room. Instead, its a social network but if you don't have a facebook, twitter or stocktwits account...it may look too complex.

  7. Barron's just had an interesting article on twitter and stocktwits. Sounds like stocktwits is better, not as many non-trading posts. Some people are looking at the posts as another way to get info on general market mood and expectations.
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  9. wrbtrader


    I didn't like it too when I first tried it until someone explain to me how to use it so that I don't see the stuff I'm not interested in. Simply, I had to do a little work and set it up so that it became useful.

    The only advantage a chat room has over stocktwits is if it had an archive chat log of the room itself going back many years. In addition, chat room doesn't have a limit of characters per message like 140 you see on stocktwits. Also, chat rooms are more personal...traders tend to feel like they are talking in a community. In contrast, stocktwits is more for those doing there own thing and not dependent upon each other to guide them through the trading day.

    Other than that, they're essentially the same unless you're trying to use it for something it's not designed for such (e.g. audio or live video) or you want a visual representation of whom is in the room at the same time when you are in there.

    What exactly are you trying to get from a chat room...give one example of what you want from the chat room ???

  10. Is the 6E room up yet? I'd love a mutual exchange of ideas and trades with like-minded serious & experienced 6E traders. Let's do it Elite 6E traders!
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