6E daily $ range 2.5 greater than ES, why trade ES ?

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  1. only sampled June, 22 days: ES: $20,725 - $942 . . . 6E: $53,550 - $2434

    so with a much larger profit potential, why do you trade the ES rather than 6E ?
  2. 10 times the liquidity perhaps?

    Although the cash EUR/USD probably trades with the same depth as ES.

    Also i doubt if the range for EUR is 2.5x ES during the US session. It is if you include the European session.
  3. moarla


    i dont understand this also. you can make so much money on EUR future or cash...liquidity for all traders on ET should not be a problem also :)))
  4. If you have a preference for stocks indexes over currencies, then you trade stock indexes.

    The fact is the mini ES and mini DOW are small contracts.

    The TF (Russell 2K) gives a more comparable bang for your buck compared to 6E.
  5. yes, i guestimate the av d v of the ES at about 14 times the 6E
    and whether or not there's low v o-n, the markets Are 24 hr so
    major price moves can occur during that time period as they did
    this time last year for the indexes. i think that's why there's often
    an 11 or noon est v high, the europeans closing positions before
    going home

    haven't checked the rth stats, there was a whacking move during
    the small hrs last night/morning in the 6E, guess you just have to
    grab what you can when you can

    60m comparison png of the ES and 6E, both $50 between the lines
  6. Because I know the ES like the back of my hand and, getting to that level in another market, will take years.

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    market orders with anything > 3 lots in 6E can cost you a lot in slippage over the long haul if you are daytrading
  8. i can understand you not switching R. Raskolnikov, the fx does have different
    price patterns and movement

    Mav88, i remember posting some trades quantities info for the ES, it showed
    that trades went thru at multiples of 4 up to 40
    i'm trading simulator so i'm getting fills, just how much slippage are you talking
    about ? tho i know the 6E can move a point or two very quickly, so what do you
    do, enter 2 and re-enter another 2 ?
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    well i see no problem with 50 lots, loosing only 1 pip more than with 1 lot most of the time on regular tading hours...

    in europe trading hours, maby 20

    BUT: if you need more, trade forex and future at the same time like i do :)))
    (they move exactly the same)
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    That's not been my experience on Globex. 4 lots give me 2 points slippage routinely.

    I try to use limit orders if at all possible, gets hard in fast markets.

    I have no good solutions for it.
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