69% of retail traders short EUR/USD....

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    EURUSD - The ratio of long to short positions in the EURUSD stands at -2.18 as nearly 69% of traders are short. Yesterday, the ratio was at -1.95 as 66% of open positions were short. In detail, long positions are 4.6% lower than yesterday and 9.3% weaker since last week.

    Buy 1.3830. Target above 1.3900.
  2. that trade doesn t make sense,heres one for you

    sell 1 39,20 take profit 0,90
    almost 5,000 pips
  3. Surfeur



    Where do you find your information data ?

  4. I thought there was a study claiming that Oanda retail traders were fairly profitable?

    Hard to trade from such sentiment numbers anyway as the markets can stay oversold or overbought for much longer than we care to believe. :)
  5. Nailed it, nice trade :)
  6. and how is your long greece bonds trade doing?

    yeah, retail traders almost always lose.

    but institutional traders are even worse. they lose BIG.
    paulson, fx concepts, dighton, goldman, ubs, deutsche

    these are the worst type of traders since they trade with huge leverage without the stoploss.
  7. I lost my first million D Marks when I was 27 years old. You didn´t? And yes: over leveragged like you just mentioned...NOwadays, I am still leveragged but wiser - at least I hope so...

  8. The first thing I noticed on this Chart was the USD/JPY numbers. I needed to refer to the chart again to see the numbers you were quoting.

    That said, why would you choose the EURUSD trade, based on these charts, when it appears to me the USDJPY would be the obvious trade - shorting against most retail traders longs (and of course in hindsight now, would have been a disaster without stops).

    Just learning FX so go easy on me...

  9. yeah, i've lost a grand or 5 in my life too.
    i'm grateful for the lesson.

    are retail fx traders still short EUR USD?
    is MF Global still long without the stoploss?
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