67 Trades. 2 contracts per trade. $1200 net.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kovacs, Jan 8, 2008.

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    On the ES e-minis. Is that good, bad, or mediocre?
  2. Don't let anyone bullshit you, a profit is always a good thing.
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    Whenever I see numbers like this, I divide the gain by the number, this is about $10 per trade, 5/contract.

    kinda low in my opinion
  4. dsq


    you worked hard for your money...no such thing as an ez buck in this game.
  5. it is GREAT!
  6. did you do that today only?
  7. I agree. In fact, whenever I only come away with a profit of 1600 on es I normally just ask my broker to keep it to teach me a lesson.:D
  8. Kovacs


    No, I did that on Friday. Yesterday, I made $1800 on roughly the same number of trades with the same contract size.

    Today, I lost $1000. On Friday and yesterday, my biggest loser was ~$150, and that happened 2-3 times. In contrast, my biggest loser today was $425 with three losers over $250. They were dumb, naive, and angry trades.

    After I calmed down, I went into simulation and made $1000 in a couple of hours.

    I'm asking the question because my previous best day in the futures as $200 and was wondering where I was on the learning curve.

    Thanks to everyone who replied.
  9. You're at the point where you learn the market has the ability to give you a massive amount of money when you don't expect it. That's the point that comes right before where you realize how you can give your money back to the market even more quickly than you could make it. It's all the natural evolution of a trader (not that I'm an expert in that since I haven't fully evolved myself).
  10. Actually, it's closer to $9 per contract.
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