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    Today was my first attempt and I felt I was pretty well prepared:

    1. Read book 22 chapters
    2. Took all exams (13)
    3. Took notes
    4. Went to class, one week 4 days 8 hours per day
    5. Did more of 1, 2, and 3

    This whole process was over a month, I feel I may have taken too long or gotten slightly burned out on the material. I've got to wait 30 days before I can take it again, I'll need to pay for a retest I sure.

    Right now I'm more caught in the moment, but I'm looking forward to reviewing any and all material to get me passed this thing. I have some concerns though:

    i. What if I score poorer the second time around? That is, what if the material I review isn't what I should be reviewing. I did receive a sheet going over the sections of the exams and my percentages on each. The system I have in mind is to review the weaker sections first and move on from there.

    ii. How do I pace myself? Will I get burned out on the studying/reviewing? Like I said I read the entire book along with taking the exams.

    Anyone have any ideas that may have failed it the first time around but nailed it on #2? What did you work on and/or what system did you use on your 30 day month of shame/review.

    Give me your worst!
  2. 1) What is a passing score now-a-days?....70? :eek: :confused:
    2) You should get all of the investing/trading/options/math-related stuff correct. The legal and regulatory stuff can be tedious.
    3) Keep on studying all parts of the test so that all of the material gets reinforced. :cool:
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    Yes, passing score is 70% btw thanks for the speedy response. :D
  4. 1) 70!....OMMFG! So close yet so far. :mad:
    2) Keep studying and stay away from "here" until you pass. A few additional correct answers will put you over the top. :cool: