67% Of Texas Republicans Favor Obama Impeachment

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    Let's toss Obama out on his ear!!!!! :D

    If Democrats are serious about trying to turn Texas blue, they should get a gander at a just-released poll of Lone Star State voters that found 67 percent of Republican respondents support the impeachment of President Obama.

    Of greater concern for liberals: the poll was conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling.

    As a whole, Texans opposed impeachment 50 percent to 39 percent.

    But in the crosstabs, PPP broke this down by party affiliation with Democrats opposed 83 percent to 12 percent, Republicans in favor 67 percent to 18 percent, and Independents opposed 54 percent to 32 percent.

    Amazing that even 12 percent of Democrats support impeachment.

    Also interesting was the racial breakdown concerning this issue with Whites supporting impeachment 48 percent to 41 percent, Blacks opposed 80 percent to 15 percent, and Hispanics opposed 58 percent to 30 percent.

    Again, it's amazing that even 15 percent of Blacks would support his impeachment.

    It was also fascinating to see the breakdown by age as people older than 65 supported impeachment 46 percent to 38 percent, folks 46 to 65 opposed 46 percent to 42 percent, and people 18 to 45 opposed 66 percent to 27 percent.

    So in Texas, the older you are, the more likely you want Obama impeached.

    Something else to consider is that 56 percent of respondents were women with 44 percent men.

    As women were far more likely to oppose impeachment (53 percent to 36 percent) than men (46 percent to 41 percent), a more equal sampling of the sexes would have found a greater percentage of Texans supporting impeachment.

  2. Good luck with that :)
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    Obama co-wrote and signed legislation that empowers the military to arrest and imprison any citizen, on US soil, indefinitely, with no access to a trial, judge, lawyer, or due process of any kind.

    For that alone, he should be impeached, and tried for treason in a court of law. So should every member of Congress that voted for the NDAA 2012
  4. So as a white Rebublican male over 65 can I vote four times?
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  6. I am in TN and people here talk about wanting him impeached all the time lol. I always bring up the point of if he goes then we are stuck with Biden though so that normally changes the sentiment haha.
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    I think Biden would be great. He is too stupid to get anything important passed in Congress and he would never get re-elected. He would make the perfect Democrap president heading into the next election.
  8. That is a very good point actually lol