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  1. romik


    I think I found a new indicator and I will call it simply - 666.

    I would like to get replies from others that perhaps have come across this perhaps a coincidental/perhaps not phenomenon.

    This will be interesting.
  2. Are we supposed to use ESP to guess what the indicator is...

    or you gonna let us in on the secret :D
  3. fhl


    I thought I found this indicator, too, but then it got crossed up.:D
  4. maybe you can arb the devil with honesty?
  5. BSAM


    This indicator works well on this stock: DEVL
  6. romik



    one hint - T&S
  7. BSAM


    Tell us more. I hear it's really a hot indicator.
  8. romik


    :D not yet, i want you to sweat it out
  9. You put a newspaper down on the floor.

    Make your head spin around a few times and throw up pea soup on the paper. Which ever stocks get covered you go long. Then urinate all over the floor and the dry stocks you short.

    This is not knew, it was originally called the Linda Blair indicator.
  10. Yeah, now that you mention it, I have also noticed that before, but I just thought it was me!!!

    For example, when I am watching my P&L carefuly and see that the last 3 digits are oscilating between 600 and 700 .... then if the number 666 comes up and sits there for more than 3 secs ... then I 'know' that is all downhill from here on ... sooo many times it happened that indeed that could be used as an indicator ..... LOL
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