666, the Euro & the Antichrist to appear soon?

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  1. Chartists know that TA not only predicts future price movements but great shifts in the affairs that affect us all (ask any Elliot analyst).

    I have attached a monthly chart that confidently predicts that the Euro will go to 1.666 and that is when the Illumanati will reveal their involvement with UFO's, aliens and prepare us all to welcome the antichrist.

    For those who wonder what ET looks like check this...


    ET has been selling the US$ and buying the Euro in order to communicate with us using charts. It has nothing to do with reckless economic policies. Chartists, ET has placed their future communication to the world... with us.

    The New World Order is upon us. Study charts for a deeper understanding of what is about to befall us all.

    I welcome comments, especially from those who watch the disclosure.
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    My theory is the euro when up so fast it distorted the space-time continuum and created a wormhole. Soon it will travel back in time.

  3. i believe it will reach 666 not 1.666 thats lowballling it
  4. LOL that was a great post
  5. technical analysis at its finest!
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    thank you, thank you
  7. A new theory of TA which incorporates Time and Space as well as Distance and Momentum ... we're all gonna be rich, biyatch!!! :p

    P.S. You should package it and start a chat room charging $350 a month. :eek:
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    Nah, I'll make enough money buying backdated options.
  9. Gentlemen, contain yourselves. Not a "NEW" theory but an evolution of our existing understanding.

    Gann alluded to Space & Time and the Spiral Log gives us momentum and distance. What we have here is not only price being overbalanced by time but the folding back on itself.

    Why, the world pauses and asks? Now we are able to reveal that the Price Action is actually a drawing of ET's space craft. A further indication of their willingness to walk and trade among us.

    This is why this forum is known as ET for ET has choses us. The future looks bright. Candlesticks are history.

    I am concerned that an alternate count could be 6.66 and we might have to wait, but that chart looks good for now.
  10. I better draw this to the attention of out European ET brethern.
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