666 on the ym

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  1. 666 is a trading number. I remember when the spoos traded around it itn 96. Ym traded off 12666 yesterday and was squeezed past it after hours. Watch for the ym to hold 12666, well be alot of action around there.
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    Thanks for the directional call.
    If the market doesn't go up, it could go down.
    You should start a blog!

    el surdo
  3. Uhhh, I don't make market calls. Just an observation base on floor traders experience. You do what you wnat with it.
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    Thanks for pointing out his genius...otherwise I wouldn't have noticed it myself...you should start a blog pointing out genius in plain hiding.

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    another stupid thread !
    go back to your mommy, playtime is over
  6. I warned you about the number. I don't make calls so I retract, I pointed it out to you. In 96 the sp fell nearly 10% from 666. 12666, is 12/2,666, or 66666, no doubt a sharp reaction. (only to rally for 4 more years). Call me an idiot or go back to mommy, fact is I was short from 12663 after hour during the squeze last night.

    Where you even born the last time we saw numbers like this a-holes? I've been around lads.... I have a lot of dry powder now for a 10% correction.... Good trading all!!!!!

  7. By the way, today they was a major coronal mass ejection from the far side of the sun today. Being in retail, (and a trader), I have to ask you, do you know what effect that has on human (trader behavior) in about 2-3 days? Like I said, I have been around........
  8. okay if it was 777 i could see the market going up, but since this is the 666 we must go red!

    Hurry GO SHORT!

    oh wait it's Saturday...

  9. Was scary the other day. Alex was ina long long trade on the YM and got everyone out when it hit the high (at that time was 666). Was nice to watch but a bit spooky! hehe

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