666 on the ym and holding

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bsparkyman, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Right back to 12666 the ym. Had 2 cash closes on it in Feb, first close below sparked the selloff. It is the pivot.
  2. YM...truly the mark of the beast...
  3. Could not close above it 12666! This is just like the action on the sp in 96 at 666, with the similar seasonal tendancies as well. Factor in year ago metal patterns and the May Bernanke-Bartiroma whore selloff, earnings season, etc. I think we don't close above 12666 on the ym front month before we test the post 2/27 lows. I would take odds on 5.31.07 ym close under 12666. Name a strike and I will give you exact points.
  4. Sell everything!
  5. thank gawd i am short the YM...
    but the trouble with the way I trade is that huge moves occur and I am out with 50 points...I only get around 3-4 trades a month