666 and other superstitions

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    Somebody please explain this to me:

    Since mostly religious people believe in this 666 and "end of world" business, but they also believe in heaven and I assume they also think that most of them get there, just what's wrong with having the end of the world??

    If I believed that there is a heaven and I am going there I couldn't wait instead of watching the numbers change on my monitor....

    Well, maybe one answer is, that they are not so sure they are gonna make it to heaven. Then I guess it is time to live your life according to your desired destination...
  2. To understand 666, one needs a larger cosmological view. But for starters, there are six sides in a cube, yes? We are talking physics here...vibrations...creative energies. This was illustrated by ancient Israelites, who placed a black cube (box) over their forehead (third eye) to demonstrate how such physics block man from seeing. Yet inside the black box they placed the word of God...vibrations that cancel out the effects of the black cube.

    You would need a knowledge of how worlds are created, and by whom. This is one of many worlds, created by Elohim, Lords of Light, on rays of light vibrating with the name of YHWH, Lord of Hosts. In the creation of this world, this ray was intercepted by fallen Lords of Light who do not use the perfect vibrations of YHWH to structure their energies. Their energies correspond with cubic physics and are imperfect, and limited. Thus, you are dying. The intelligences that are interfering in your energies reside in the Big Dipper regions of the heavens, and Draconius. The Big Dipper is the Bear. Thus, these are "beasts", and this is the "number of the beast". They impulse you into perpetual violence and war.

    The unlimited physics of a Living World are structured after a pyramid. There are many lessons to learn from the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The cubic world is illustrated by the Kabba in Saudi Arabia. Google "Kabba".

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    Yes. And there are 3 sides in a triangle, thus the name.

    Can you use your mumbo-jumbo for trading predictions? I love those....

    P.S.: Also, did you know that if you put your razor into a mini pyramid it will sharpen itself? I love pyramids, as in pyramiding....