64 vit vs 32 bit

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by minmike, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. minmike


    If I want to buy a kick ass system and price seems to be the same, is there any reason to go with the 32 bit operating system?

  2. NYCYK


    Just make sure the drivers you will need are available for the 64 Bit OS.

    I'd probably make sure the software you plan to use works on it as well.
  3. i use a 64 bit system...works much better...

    drivers are an issue if you use esoteric add ons...

    overall i have been very happy with the switch...
  4. gnome


    Yes... 64-bit is "not ready for prime time", even yet.
  5. diddo...

    I dont think there's a Vista 64 out yet. Plus... a true 32bits processor from Intel the 386DX was out in 1988ish. And a true 32 bit operating system from Microsoft was Windows NT 4.0 in 1996. It took 8 years to transition. Not until Windows XP, most people still stuck between the Windows 95,98,ME half & half approach

    32 -> 64 will take just as long. AMD 64 came out in 2005ish. I wont expect wide adoption of 64bit OS until the next major release of Windows, most likely 6 -8years from now.

    There's Linux & existing 64 bits implementations. I'm talking about the general population instead of the geeks

    As far as your general computing needs. PAE (google this) should be able to allow your existing 32 bit OS to address more than 4GB of memory. (Windows Server line of OS)

  6. GTS


    If you don't know why you need a 64 bit system then you don't need one.
  7. i use win xp pro 64 bit....

    works with all my gear...

    i only had to retire an old hp printer/scanner...

    i am playing with vista ultimate 64 bit and so far it works with all my trading apps...

    it's pretty too...
  8. minmike


    Thanks for the help. I am looking into the PAE stuff. The main worry that I had was scalability going forward, and taking advantage of all of the RAM. Thanks for the input.
  9. Tums


    Currently, most commercial software is built as 32-bit code, not 64-bit code, so it can't take advantage of the larger 64-bit address space or wider 64-bit registers and data paths on 64-bit processors, or, on x86 processors, the additional registers in 64-bit mode.

  10. nasdorq


    Installed Vista 64bit. Started freezing in the middle of the trading day, only happened when I had all my trading aps open which is quite a lot. Couldn't figure out which one was incompatible, so I went back to 32. Too bad, I was hoping to get the speed boost with all this 64 bit compatible hardware. I think if you're running any applications that are not mainstream it might cause issues.
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