64%+ of US/world citizens are too stupid to vote?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cutten, Apr 20, 2008.

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    George W Bush had a 90% approval rating in 2001, the highest of any president ever. By 2007 he had the lowest of any president ever, a mere 26%.

    Does this not prove that between 64% and 90% of Americans are just too stupid to vote?

    N.B. for thin-skinned types, I am not using this to pick on the USA. I am sure the "stupid numbers" are just as high in other countries.
  2. His pre-9/11 approval rating was 49%. So, I don't see your point. If anyone is stupid, it's those that believe that their vote actually counts.
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    I look forward to your starting of similar threads about those "other countries" stupid people.
  4. In most elections, the electoral system renders the votes of anyone not living in a swing state, as useless. Similarly, local voting when living in a town/county dominated by one party.

    For example, how often is a borough president who is a liberal Democrat going to win in Staten Island? How often will a conservative Republican be mayor of New York?

    What is the point of being a conservative Republican in Massachusetts or a liberal Democrat in South Carolina? Your vote is meaningless. So not voting, is usually just recognizing it is pointless.

    If memory serves me well, FDR never carried his (city - Hyde Park or county - Dutchess)?? in 4 elections. They were dyed in the wool Republicans.

    This is part of the reason Hilary moved to New York to be senator.
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    Yeah he pulled this stunt in another thread as well.