6'4, 255 pound football player bravely takes down a 14 year old girl.

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  1. you should have probably clarified this just a little more...... title is decieving.....
  2. peil - why the misleading title to this thread?
  3. Did i say something untrue?

    I guess im just a little shocked at how much media coverage this is getting and how this guy is portrayed as a hero. I seriously doubt that girl would've shot anyone. She was obviously someone who was picked on alot and probably nobody stood up for her ever. It looks to me like she wanted off the bus and was extremely frustrated.

    I blame the parents....not the parents of the girl holding the gun, but the parents of the other kids that treated her so disrespectfully. If those kids were taught to treat each other with respect, I'm 100% certain that the girl would never feel the need to bring a gun to school.

    I think the guy that tackled her was reckless. The gun could've gone off when he tackled her and killed someone. I think there was more of a chance of someone getting killed by him tackling her than of her just shooting someone. She was not even really pointing the gun at anyone. She just had it in her hand and making normal gestures with her hands. Not the kind of thing you do if you really intend to kill someone.

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  4. Exactly. Why, just the other day, I was waving my gun around in perfectly normal gestures at a salad bar downtown, and no one thought anything of it.
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    yeah, I wave my gun around all the time. I tell people I just washed it and I have to dry it off, no biggie....
  9. lol, Good one!

    But i was just trying to relay that the media had made it sound like she had her arms wrapped around some 5 year olds neck and pointed a gun at his temple.

    I think the police charging her with 22 counts of kidnapping & 22 counts of attempted aggrivated assault was excessive. We all know black people only shoot and kill people that they are mad at. Its the white people that shoot everyone without prejudice. :D

    I think she should only have been charged with 1 count attempted aggrivated assault and no kidnapping charges. She never told anyone to stay on the bus, in fact she wanted the bus stopped, either to get off or force the girl that was bothering her to get off.
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