60minutetrader and STARS method

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by frontline, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I know I'll get the usual advice of "you'll only learn by doing it yourself and making mistakes" and other similar things, but I am trying to get a step ahead in learning trading. I am also naturally wary of anyone hawking a "system" that's absolutely successful. That aside, does anyone have any experience or actually trade these systems? Would like to hear any comments.

  2. Quah


    Actually, I made over $12 million today just trading the 60 minute system.

    I could have actually made $14 million, but I needed to take a shower before the Brinks truck arrived with my daily cash delivery - so I only traded for 58 minutes instead of 60.
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    Quah, I only trade two contracts using the system and only made $600,000 today. The system catches every tick with perfection.I need to step up my trading size. Low profit days like today make me wish I had stayed in bed all day. It definitely isnt worth trading for small total daily profits(600k).
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  5. lol - 'that aside'. Why would you set that aside?

    Another shill.

    EDIT: My god - everyone should click on the 60minute link and check out that site. Just completely ridiculous. AMAZING FREE LOOPHOLES!! AS GOOD AS FREE MONEY!

    Again, the sad thing is that frontline/phonyline will undoubtedly get a few bites from this thread at his site.
  6. That system needs improvement.
  7. thruline


    Welcome to ET, frontline. Don't feel too badly. There's a lot of love here...

    My trading career began with a 3k Larry Williams seminar many years ago. I was stoked, went home, opened a 5k account, immediately ran it down to 2k in comex silver, got another 3k and ran that down to 1.5k.

    However, the basis of that canned system triggered a fresh idea that got all of my money back and a lot more. You never know where the idea that will work for you may come from. Just try to pay less for it than I did.

  8. frontline


    Does anyone have information or experience with the STARS method?
  9. Yes, I have some information on it.

    The STARS method provides AMAZING FREE LOOPHOLES!!!!

    It is AS GOOD AS FREE MONEY!!!!!!!
  10. VictorS


    Stepped up my size today using the 60 minutes "arbitrage" strategy. My result ......$4 million on 5 contracts. I'm killing those institutional arbitrageurs at their own game. I love the "free money."
    how'd you do today Quah? I posted all 6 trades in the "60 minutes Journal," here on ET.
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