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  1. Guys, i would love to hear from you guys 60min chart strategies..

    i have one to share that works very well...

    if a market goes up 1200ticks you sell... stop gain 200 stop loss 400 it works very well...

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    That's 300 points ES...
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    Big AAPL

    You owe me a cup of coffee for the one that just flew out my nose.
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  4. Trendline on 60 min is viable on ES.
  5. Can you give me an example? Also, do you have a myfxbook.com page to back up your recent performance? I have a forex strategy page on my website and would love to post a viable "60 minute trading strategy" that would work with currency pairs...
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    Even in shorter timeframes it is viable. All depends in how good you are in finding the trend.
    Wednesday there were several (3) 10 points moves in the 5 min timeframe. So there was enough potential.
  7. Can we clarify what the OP is talking about? 1200 ticks! Did you mean 12? A 2 target with a 4 stop will always look good. Even with a coin flip, you'll still get a lot more winners than losers.
  8. He's trying to fish for a strategy
  9. i once was a natural hour algo trading freak. made zillions pretty much. ;)
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    Hookers and blow, Bro? Where'd it go? "Mapleleaf" lol.
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