60days commision free TDameritrade

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  1. any one have tried? give us some experience about this attractive offer.

    is there any contingency about opening a new account with them. for example, after 60days, you decide to leave since there is no free meal, why stay.

    then they may say: you need stay here at leat another 60days, or worst 1yrs, then you can leave?otherwise they will charge you for the trades you did in the "free 60days".

    business is very tricky, particularly finance business is full of shit.
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    Yes. They should give you free trades without any expectation to get paid back.
  3. i actually did this... i quite them right when the trial period is over.... . . the commissions are way to high..
  4. I opened one with them this thursday.

    I like their future margin, they seems they give intra-day future margin whether overnight or intra-day. I did not get it why IB did not give me intra-day margin in overnight (evening/night) trading.
    I may move some future trading to them. higher leverage is gift to me.

    have this margin requirement, I can trade agressively with future. since I can easily double a position with low margin requirement. just like option level leverage. to me, it is awesome.

    their stock trading commission sucks if your trading size is under 2000shares. but if I trade large lot, actually it is cheaper than IB.

    their option trading commission fee sucks if you trade small lot. but if you trade 30lot above, it is cheaper than IB. that is a big plus for me, since I trade 50lot to 500lot.

    their thinkorswim in first sight looks too overwhelming. but after you play a while, you will realize it have more features than tws, some are very useful, such as when news realse, earning time, very great feature, realtime cnbc news. I just hope thinkorswim can be configuragble. the simpler the better to me. the screen too crowded with unwanted stuff.

    other reasons is I want to do on-line banking with them, I can pay bills directly from trading profit, so I can avoid check to check communication with my brokers, it is time consuming, IB will charge me if I ask second check withdrawal, that sucks. plus I need deposit the check to my bank physically.

    I think overall is acceptable, but not good for small lot traders.
    if you have a large account above 250k, that is a good place to go. small account like 50k under, IB is good, you can trade 100shares, or 1 contract, cheaper and flexiable.

    anyone experience thinorswim, please give some tips or bugs you find using it
  5. if I trade 20000 shares, the commission is just 10% of IB's.
    I traded CLSN pre-market in the wensday plunge, bought 20kshares in the bottom, cost me 200bucks (round trip).

    but if this trade is executed here, it just costs me 30bucks (buy two times).

    their option fees are acceptable to me. they charge me 9.99+0.75per contract. predicatable. fit for my trading size, and lower commission cost to me.
  6. I just wish IB can cap their commission on trades. if trade frequency and size exceed some thrashhold, fix the commission rate. just like eat buffet, pay a fixed fee, then eat as much as you can, or just barely eat.

    those small lot trading adds up quickly, it creates illusion it is cheap, so you may be in test mode trading, in another word: not treat it seriously. acutally it is very costy.

    after IB raised intra-day future margin on IRA account last year, I feel powerless, barely trade future with them any more. IB's future margin requirement sucks, higher.
  7. love their thinkorswim trading platform. instant news, I did not need go to others to find out what is going on. ahead news schedule on chart.
    I did not realize they have prophet to find chart patterns.

    their option chain does not have real time chart, that is a big minus for me. anyone use thinkorswim tells a little bit about to let their option chain have intra-day high/low, very important to me, but I could not find on the option chain.