$600M scheme incubated in NC town

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  2. "I never told anyone to invest more money than they could afford," Burks snapped. "I didn't tell them to do that. Never."

    He said if they lost money, "it's their fault. Not mine. Don't blame me."

    It's a shitty deal, and he probably belongs in prison. But he's right. People not doing any due diligence is their own fault. Unfortunately, most people don't even think of it. They just trust.
  3. Typical psychopath dialogue. Nothing is their fault, they are narcissistic and unable to even be embarrassed, let alone feel guilt...

    I'm observing one guy currently, it's not like I can do anything about him, he's a very clever liar. He's going from woman to woman, he gets into their finances, if they want him out of their life he leaves them alone but he then robs them of money, prescription drugs, and jewelry. It's that simple. I let him know that I don't like him and his immediate response was about me getting my ass kicked. He's delusional about that too, I didn't go outside with him to settle it because I want to kill intraspecies predators and I probably would.

    I want these people all diagnosed and their faces up on a website. Many of the molesters that have their faces up on the web are psychopaths, I'm able to observe two of them currently, one is definitely a lying psychopath and the other doesn't reveal enough for me to know. I want their faces up on the web at a much earlier stage in their lives. We have brain scanning diagnostic tools that can sort out the psychopaths with fantastic accuracy. At their first infractions, or even if their parents volunteer them for testing, they should be tested and their faces should go up on the web.

    If someone can find ONE EXAMPLE of a psychopath that gets healed of the condition I'd like to read up on it. So far there don't seem to be any.
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    Sure, sounds like fraud and the perp deserves harshness. Still, there is a solid `tard factor here. I mean:

    When someone quotes you a risk free rate more than a few points over prime, you are dumb not to question it. When it is like hitting the #@&*ing lottery every quarter, you are beyond dumb, you are 100% bona fide, Grade A retard and need to have a babysitter take care of your money.

    Does Jack Hershey do their copy?
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    For the record, here's what I would do in that sit if I were so foolish. Drop 8k, pull 10k in 90 and then I don't even care if I never get a dime back.
  6. SEC spokeswoman Christine D'Amico declined to comment on the investigation, except to say the agency took action "as soon as we believed we had sufficient evidence to obtain an emergency court order to halt the fraud."

    She didn't have sufficient evidence. How about she walk her fat ass down there and invest $5 dollars and try to get her money back and see what happens.

    Sumbody needs to tell Obama about this, he'll get us our money back.
  7. That prosecuting attorney is the typical incompetent lying prosecutor who is in bed with the cops and does not give one rat's ass about the common people. He most certainly could have acted on a single citizen's complaint. It needs to be removed from the public payroll.

    And how long did the SEC let Bernie Madoff go along with his scheme? Was it 15 years?

    This is America. You as a citizen are nobody to your government.
  8. ZeekRewards has had a lot of bad press in North Carolina over the past few months. IMO the entire thing is an obvious scam.

    I expect that we are going to see more federal and state legal action against the execuitves of this company.