$600 rebate. What would I do?

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    Americans are getting $600 rebate. We are supposed to put a torch to it and spend it so we can stimulate the economy. Here is what I am going to do with it:

    1) I am going to donate $50 to help Chicago schools get a Macintosh computer with Microsoft Excel and other computer programs installed on it.

    2) I am going to donate $50 PBS to help them continue their great programming.

    3) I am going to donate $50 to WFMT in Chicago. We have only one classical music station left.

    4) I am going to donate $50 to churches that are well known to step in and help people in times of need. The US government was a far second in New Orleans to these church organizations.

    5) I am going to give $50 to my elderly parents.

    6) I am going to give $70 to my daughter in the form of 2 shares of General Electric Corporation.

    7) I am going to give $50 to the anti-cruelty society

    8) I am going to spend $130 of it to stimulate the economy.

    9) I am going to stay $100 in cash in case a catrastophe happens somewhere in the world.

    Any other suggestions welcome.

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    to forget to leave a little something so you can wager on the CUBS upoming season....
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    nitro :D
  4. Dude, I thought you were one of the rock-star traders here.

    I figured you were raking in several 100k, so you are not eligible for this rebate? :D

  5. nitro


    We are not eligeble for rebates if we make > $100k?

    I pay more in comissions a year than you make in two years, sadly.


  6. Sounds like your trading system is horribly inefficient if you are paying soooo much commission for that "several 100k" if you are paying more in commission in a year than what I make in two years.

    Well, at least you are making money! :D

    Seriously though, that list was pretty creative. I was just messing with you.
  7. I don't think I get anything back this year Nitro?

    R you sure your getting the "Redistribution of Wealth, buy you vote" money?
  8. I believe the cut off is 150k, anything near or above,
    gets a big "FUCK YOU" from congress.
  9. Make sure you convert it to Euros.
  10. You could gross 500k and still get a rebate if you have enough deductions/tax shelters. The rebate is based on 150k adjusted gross income (for married jointly), and even then it PHASES out after 150k, so you may still get something
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