$600,000 to $4486 with other peoples money!

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  1. Where do I send my money? Must be time for him to hit a winning streak.:D
  2. Conducted a querrey on the nfa site and he wasn't even registered nor was his company! A fool and his money....

  3. Bame, Robert D
    Household: Chito, Jean, Jeremy, Lakesha
    16164 Emma Ln
    Moreno Valley, CA 92551-7251
  4. that is why account statements are not proof of performance and are as useless a 'testimonials". Either there is 3rd party, verifiable auditing, or it is trash.
  5. Do you happen to know his et handle?

  6. He lost $77 million, not 600k:

    "The trading statement, as alleged, falsely indicated that the Forward account had a total net liquidating value of more than $77 million on December 14, 2007. However, the actual net liquidating value of the account on that date was $4,486, the complaint alleges."
  7. No, he told his investors he had amassed $77MM.
  8. LOL, Now that's funny!!!

    I use to party in Riverside when I was a youngster. Remember club Metro & Monopolies? Now thats really going way back!
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