60 yr old Tokyo housewife hid 1.7 million pounds in forex gains, gets jail, fine

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  1. Ominous "Mrs. Watanabe" unmasked => Yukiko Ikebe, 60 years old !! LOL !! :D :D :D

    TOKYO (Reuters) - A financially savvy Tokyo housewife who made 400 million yen (1.7 million pounds) trading in foreign exchange markets was fined on Friday for evading tax, a court official said.

    Yukiko Ikebe, 60, got a suspended jail sentence and was fined 34 million yen, after she used relatives' names to make her gains look smaller and avoid paying tax, NHK said.

    "She felt it was unfair to have to pay tax on her gains, when she made losses some years," NHK quoted the judge as saying. "She spent the money on kimonos and jewellery."

    Forex trading has become more popular in recent years in Japan, where low interest rates have led retail investors to seek new sources of profit

  2. GaryN


    She made 400 million and got fined 34 million so she paid less than 10%. I need a tax rate like that.
  3. sim03


    The ¥34M has got to be on top of paying back taxes.

    Question is - does she now "retire" from the market / quit while she's ahead or keep trading...
  5. Daal


    man this jail time might save her ass big time