60 years back God arrived on Earth

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  1. God arrived on Earth some 60 years back.

    December 26, 2004 Earthquake 9.3 magnitude which killed 300,000 people was a warning.

    Before the Earthquake or in year 2005, world leaders (biggest idiots) had received a serious and stern warning "destroy world pornography and kill world prostitutes and their clients, homosexuals". But nothing happened. In fact now it is worse.

    God is walking on Earth in the form of human being and world people think God is sleeping in universe.

    There is high possibility that Chiko & Mark and Bear Grylles is God or Bearice is God or Kane is God or Undertaker is God or George Bush is God or Morganist is God or Baron is God or any good person in this world is God. Nobody knows who is God.

    God has taken over Earth. When human beings become useless, God takes over that is the ultimate.

    Nobody can survive a direct hit from God. The same applies to Bearice.
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    Are you the same guy who's been sending those crazy ass PMs?
  3. I never send PM. I post in forum for proper discussion and so that people receive God's message. Never say God is crazy or mad. Everybody knows what happens when god is crazy or mad (end of universe).
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    Do you live in California, the City of Denver, or the Netherlands? Just wondering...

  5. Where is he , i been looking for that sob......Tell him to come see me .
  6. Any good person can be God in disguise of human being.

  7. like Obama . :p .
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    I'd be happy if it just meant the end of you.
  9. George Bush had said "if you harbour terrorist, you are terrorist"

    So, if you harbour/support prostitutes, you are prostitutes. Understand kids.
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    :eek: Is he for real?! :D

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