60% Say Tax Hikes Hurt The Economy

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  1. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/pub...august_2009/60_say_tax_hikes_hurt_the_economy
    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Sixty percent (60%) of likely voters now say tax increases hurt the economy, up six points from last month. While this is the highest total measured in over a year, the result has remained fairly consistent for over a decade.
    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey also finds that 55% say tax cuts help the economy. One in five voters (20%) say tax cuts hurt the economy.
    A Rasmussen Reports video report released earlier today shows that 47% of voters believe their own personal taxes will increase under the Obama administration, the highest level found since he was elected.
    Half of voters nationwide (50%) say increases in government spending hurts the overall economy. Just 28% says increased government spending helps the economy.
    Forty-six percent (46%) of voters say that cuts in government spending help the economy while just 24% say such spending cuts spending hurt the economy.
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    The consistency of these views over time suggest that these attitudes are deeply held by the American people. They help explain why voters remain strongly oppose to a second Stimulus Plan this year and why nearly half want to cancel the rest of the already approved stimulus spending. Much to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s chagrin, most voters say that tax cuts are always better than more government spending.
    During the debate over the stimulus plan earlier this year, voters consistently preferred options that would include more tax cuts and less government spending. Seventy percent (70%) of voters expect government spending to rise under the Obama administration, showing no change over the past two weeks. Just 8% expect government spending to decrease under Obama.
    By a 51% to 38% margin, voters would prefer a candidate who promised to oppose all tax increases over one who promised tax hikes only on the rich. The percentage who prefer the former candidate is at its highest level in over one year.
    While Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party strongly believe tax increases hurt the economy, Democrats are more evenly divided. While 39% of Democrats say tax increases hurt the economy, 34% say they help.
  2. Bogus poll. Most Americans want to soak the rich is a better indicator. There's nothing wrong with raising taxes on the rich as these people don't spend in the first place. What is taken away would've never seen the inside of a cash register or make it's way through the economy anyway.
  3. ask them if they will support reduced services.
  4. AyeYo


    60% of "likely voters" can't even spell America. Who cares what they think about taxes (right or wrong)?
  5. The Republicans have won the 2012 Presidential Election. It remains to be seen if "that" will be good or bad. :cool:
  6. rebtut


    Well maybe but since Money is needed to pay Trillions to Wall Street Bankers some people must pay no :D
  7. CET


    They have shown they know how to screw up a sure thing. Eight years of drunken stupidity proves that. They are still probably dumb enough to pick Ellie Mae as their candidate.

    It is the perfect time for a third party if a few reputable folks would lead the charge.