-60 points on 508K ES contracts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rc5781, Jan 21, 2008.

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    When's the last time this has happened? Who DOESN'T think we will be higher from here tomorrow?
  2. Who's buying, save for the Fed? You see something significant and leading in huge ES volume?
  3. I asked this on another thread; but the problem is that if everyone thinks we will go up from tommorrow's drop or "bottom", we probably won't.
  4. I'd be VERY surprised if we closed higher tomorrow. I will trade whatever the market is doing regardless, but the spooz down 60pts in a holiday closed session tells me we got a lot more downside to come.
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    Actually, I just meant higher from here...ie buy when globex reopens and sell after 20-25 or so points up...
  6. I'm long from 1265, got in just before close of todays shortened session.

    I've got a tight stop, hoping for a quick 8-10 points on re-open.
  7. Good luck with your longs, why try to catch a falling knife? The best trades are the ones you never take....
  8. I have no idea if we will close higher
    But I am looking at the potential openeing gap and wondering if it will fill during the day
  9. Having a stop won't help if we gap lower.
  10. When does Globex re-open?
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