60% of bankruptcies due to

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    These insurance companies that don't want to pay out... I read a Consumer Reports article on Insurance companies once, there were about three good ones, two mediocre and a thousand crappy ones...
  3. Thats why the Ins companies doesn't want a government Ins program,it would drive those sleazy mother fuckers out of buisness

    If you cant get ins through an employer and you have a pre existing condition,you're shit out of luck

    If you can get Ins,they will do everthing possible to avoid paying claims

    Health care for all is the main reason I voted for Obama.His mom was dying while the Ins company was trying to avoid paying for her treatment .If Obama didn't do anything else i believed he would change health care in this country.Someone like Bush and McCain will never know whats its like to have their mother dying while fighting with Ins companies to try to make them pay for treatment
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    Even more depressing, as soon as King Hussein implements his federally run socialized health care system.

    The one BIG bankruptcy, that of the USA, will be due to medical bills as well.
  5. Actually single payer countries uniformly spend much less on healthcare both per person or as a percent of GDP.

    So in fact in the longer term it would be a big money saver.
  6. Ha - saw a comedian crack a joke that

    "Medical decisions should be kept where they are - between your insurance agent and your banker."
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    Same goes for all the shitty insurance companies that don't pay out...
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    Its funny how you cite this fact, that we spend more for health care than other countries, as a negative. Would you say the same about what we spend on education? Or welfare?

    I especially liked this quote from the article.........

    "Other people had private insurance but got so sick that they lost their job and lost their insurance.

    And then today I read about this bill proposed by Kennedy........

    June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Under a draft bill to overhaul the U.S. health-care system all employers would be required to supply health insurance for workers or contribute to the cost.

    So the big plan is to expand the status quo that got us to where we are today. So much for "Change".

    At least McCain recognized that the current system couldn't continue.
  9. If they didn't cover everybody, yes.

    You read a one sentence quote and feel you understand "the big plan?"
  10. I hate insurance companies. They live to screw over policy holders.
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