60 minutes on HFT parasites.

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    It was stunning so see the COO of the NYSE basically say, "oh come on in guys. You can put your servers right here at the NYSE and get data before the rest can get it for about $15,000+/month in fees."

    Anyhow, take a look at this thread http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=208166

    HFT is nothing more than quote stuffing, phantom volume creating, front running, former market makers and computer nerds getting paid big $$$$$$ undermining the markets while the regulators, and bureacrats at the NYSE are asleep at the wheel...

    OR, getting paid big $$$$$ to let it go on. Sad...
  2. Hmm, what exactly do you think the guys on the floor and in the pit used to do? There has ALWAYS been an inside game.

    IF HFT is really eating at you, I suggest you might be trading a style that does not fit your position/access/technology relative to the market.
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    Do the guys on the floor and the pits create phantom volume?

    I take it that you know volume leads price?
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    Wonder why he is defending hft's???
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    I wouldn't be surprised if there may be "something" in it for him, besides the five figure monthly fees they charge HFT's to have their servers AT the NYSE.

    I think his Brother needs to get him a job at comedy central. If this weren't so blatantly wrong what's going on, it would be funny. Sad part is it's far from funny...

    I remember his Brother had the idiot Jim Cramer on his show, and blasted him until a fly wouldn't land on Cramer. Wonder if John Stewart is going to have his Brother on the show, and blast him for ALLOWING and ENCOURAGING this sh*t to go on with the HFT mess...

    I watched the CBS show, and sat there literally stunned! I felt like Gordon Gekko saying, "is everybody out there nuts?" Just can't believe this is ALLOWED to go on... Mind mending.
  6. Manoj Narang continues to seem like a stand-up guy. He even refused to agree that "it's all math", opting instead for "probability and statistics."
  7. You're comparing apples to oranges.
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    So true! He's basically comparing Mars to Venus with that statement...

  9. Yes. Always have.
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