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    Interesting story that aired last night, pretty much another depressing story on what is still going on and how 99ers are coping with the challenges of still searching for a job. Focuses in on Silicon Valley and how 75,000 jobs were lost during this crisis, also talks about one guy who had a position as a fiber optic engineer manager now working part time at target for $9.25 doing floor sales.

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  2. Missing the point. THIS WAS ON SOCIALIST TV!

    17.5% unemployment combined with Underemployment. And these numbers are off. IMHO we have a higher rate than during the first depression.

    This is a key wake up call for all those who think we are not in a Depression in key areas as in the West Midwest and East coast.

    Nov 2nd is one of the most important elections since the founding of this country.

    Unemployment runs out and its not going to be extended.

    We are looking down the abyss of a Revolution.

    People need to wake up.
  3. Sadly true. But unfortunately, America WILL NEVER RECOVER UNTIL/UNLESS WE MAKE DRAMATIC STRIDES TOWARD A CAPITALISTIC ECONOMY... Tax and business friendly regulatory policies... .not "in the sights" at this time.

    Point fingers... blame "the other guy"... piss and moan all you want, it ain't gonna get better without MAJOR, MAJOR revisions in how we do business and assess taxes.

    Sure as HELL won't occur on Odumba's watch...

    :mad: :mad:
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    This country isn't going to recover until we can get out from under the weight of the banking system and the corruption it creates at the state and federal political levels. As I run down the list of choices I have in this election I have to ask myself wether I want Crook A or Crook B. There is no option for Not a Crook C. The level of political corruption in America has reached the level of a 3rd world country.

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    "You can trust him, you can't count on him....that's the kind of person you want in the United States Senate." -- Obama.

    Alexi lent 10's of millions of dollars to mobsters and then lent more when they defaulted. Before the bank was taken over by the Fed's Alexi withdrew $71M. During his tenure as Treasurer Illinois' 529 plan was decimated. The management company settled out of court and investors received something like $3 per every $1000 invested. Yes! This is the kind of guy you want in the US Senate. Your other choice is Mark Kirk who voted for the bank bailouts and lies to make himself look like a Persian Gulf war hero.

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  8. I was actually surprised after watching it that it is that bad in Silicon Valley. I thought they were better insulated with the brain trust of CA.

    I found it surprising how much some of them formerly made. Exec Asst. shopaholic made 70k! Personnel Exec now HVAC cleaner used to make 200k. Salary bubbles I say. Tulips, homes, or salaries things to don't change much.
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    You feel sorry for these 99ers? I don't.
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    When people fall on hard times through no fault of their own, yeah, I do feel some empathy. This could easily happen to you or I.

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