60 Day+ Loan Delinquency Map of U.S.: Auto, Bank Card, Mortgage (Prime&Non) & Student

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  1. 60 day or greater delinquencies.

    Terrible almost everywhere.

    Check out the south (Florida and Alabama), the West (Nevada, Arizona and Cali) and the industrial belt, and Surprise! - the East Coast.

    The heat is on.

  2. You do realize these are all densely populated urban areas ( counties)?

    You must be living in some alternate universe where things are increasingly negative.

    In the real world the recession is about over.

  3. Keep drinking that Obama/Bernanke Kool-Aid.

    Do you not challenge anything they tell you?

    Try it once.

    2010 will be worse than 2009, and 2011 will be worse than 2010.

    You have zero things of substance to point to construct a genuine growth case.

    All signs lead lower.
  4. Fuck! The way this chart is showing, the current rally in the stock market will fall and reach new lows from the 666 bottom. It looks like 90% of all major populated counties in the US have more than 90 days delinquency in mortgages.

    The fed is giving a heads up that all the bulls out there better read some economic data before buying anymore. Shit is not even close to being resolved. Especially when the fed releases a new data point for the private sector, and the us government to be aware of the unfathomable level of delinquencies in the US.
  5. And yet the market keeps going higher. The more negativity the higher it goes.

    The market climbs a wall of worry.

    Your wall is pretty tall, so it will take a while before we reach the top and start to drop.

    Keep those negative articles coming. You're doing a great job.

  6. Sorry. As with your unrealistic doomsday prognostications you fail again.

    I don't like Obama. I voted for him because I despise the nonsensical Anti-American republican party.

    Obama has proven to be a republican lite. Afghanistan will be his vietnam.

    Bush flushed the middle class down the shitter. Obama is pissing on what's left of the middle class.

    I do not like the fellow.

    As for your doom and gloom. Americans are resilient and will bounce back.

    We only have to eradicate the republican plague in DC so the middle class can grow again.

  7. Pascal


    Another way to look at this data release, it is an offensive against the US goverment. Especially after that judge released a judgement against the fed today.

    They are trying to tell the government that they will pull the plug on this recovery, if they continue. And by showing that most major us borrowers are bankrupt, they are pointing to how bad things really are.
  8. Another way to look at this data release, it is an offensive against the US goverment.


    Excellent point.