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    I am looking for a firm and/or trader(s) similar to my trading style.

    I would like to trade with a professional trader(s) with a similar trading style. I daytrade positions based on daily candle charts. I am not effective with scalpers and/or NYSE only traders.

    I trade a mix of 90% NASDAQ / 10% LISTED and futures (e-mini). 1000-30000 shares.

    I went long 10 E-mini NDX 500 futures contracts after the CSCO announcement at 1181. I sold the following day.
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    If you trade NASDAQ don't consider any firm that uses REDI.
  3. could I ask why please?

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    REDI was designed for NYSE. Order entry layout is cumbersome for rapid order entry.

    REDI sends orders to its own ECN for a match prior to other ECNs regardless. The direct ISLD order is slow( I wonder why...)

    Several times a week REDI quote feeds for NASDAQ are delayed, up to 3 seconds. You can imagine trying to "chase" a stock with stale limit prices.
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  6. with your experience you could start your own firm...
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    Any veteran traders interested in an arrangement?
  8. you traded NDX 500 eminis huh?:p

  9. nice catch.
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    when there is an inflection in the market. I never scalp.

    I netted an avg of 60 pts on 10 contracts.
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