6% return per month

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ovations, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. napa


    I think that Your performance is quite good and doable for a while. As long as you keep your cool attitude and don't get too depressed because of momentary bad periods. And remember money management. It's often long and hard job to get rich, even more so with trading.

    I think that Remiraz'es performance figures doesn't quite apply to you - those Big Players face different problems than you: namely liquidity. Therfore you should aim much higher than those numbers.
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  2. I cant find this Neovast program anywhere, did I spell it right?
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  3. MTE


    Actually, 7% per month is 125% per year compounded, not 225%.
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  4. ovations


    Sorry about the spelling error. It should be NEOVEST. It is very good. (I believe). It is quite expensive though.

    Does anyone have some other suggestions?

    Thank you for everyone participate in this forum. It is a great place to exhange valuable idea.
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  5. Remiraz


    oops my bad. it should be: "your capital is 225% of the initial".
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  6. MTE


    Yes, you have 225% of your intial capital in your account, but the return is 125%.
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  7. so you have a 5K account and make $300 per month, pretty impressive.
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  8. Remiraz


    Oh yes it does.

    Start - $58,000
    Year 1 - $130,500
    Year 2 - $293,625
    Year 3 - $660,656
    Year 4 - $1.486 mil

    From $58k to multi-million in 4-5 years.

    I think there are about 500 people in the world that can do that trading...or less.

    With that kind of track record he is on par with Marty Schwartz and Richard Dennis! :eek:
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  9. Hey, even if you lose in every month until year end, that's OK, no big deal, just make sure it's not everything you made in the first six months. Remember that it is a market, it can do whatever it wants to do and surprise you in many more ways than you can expect. You will have many, many losing months from now on, but you can still be one of the best traders in the world. Just don't expect too much and do not extrapolate that 7% average a month into infinity, it is just not sustainable.

    The good news is however that you are probably very good and will be able to make money in the market :)
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  10. ovations


    Dear All

    Thank you so much for all your post (especially those kind recommendation and encouragement). I am very serious ( and honest). I dont have 5K. I started off with about 38K and now 58K. I made a down month last month and made me to deeply look into myself to find out what goes wrong or what needs to be improved.

    Those encouraging word does really give me a boost. I made little trade on 2/9/2005 and made 1.6% return. See if I can keep this trend going (I believe which is the most DIFFICULT task).

    Anyway, I use IB and it seems that it worked perfectly well.

    All the best with you all

    Ovations :)
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