6% return per month

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    Dear All Serious Traders

    I am a beginner in this trading business. I have managed to make about 7% return per month for my capital in the last 6 months. ( I made a lost about 1 % last month, in August, the only losting month I have up to now.) Could Anyone give me some comment for my performance please. Thanks.

    Ovations :)
  2. dude ...its all meaningless unless compounded over time or duplicated over time without any serious
    drawdowns ...

    nice start to the yr for you ...
    good luck

  3. ovations


    Thank you very much for your post. I basically day trade most of the time and I am having cash postion at the end of each trading day. I am a bit worried about the losting month I made last month. Can anyone show me some directions for being a successful trader. Thanks.
  4. mahras2


    Everyone will have losing months. However, if you have sound trading principles and techniques then there is nothing wrong with one or two losing months. That is periodical and occurs to everyone. Keep trading, build up capital and keep making profits.
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    Thank you Mahras2. Thank you very mcuh for your encouragement. I started off with about 38,000 six months ago and I have not drawn any money from my account since then. Now, i have about 58,000. What do you think of my performance. I am currently using NEOVAST as a software for trading. It is quite expansive. Could anyone give my some suggestions. Thanks.
  6. mahras2


    Thats very solid. It seems you have all the necessary risk capital to keep making money. 58K is enough so that you can move some good volume around as well as keeping commissions at a low percentage.
    I am not familiar with intraday stock trading (focus on intermediate term- long term currency and equities plays).

    Best of luck.
  7. can you see if you can backtest with Neovast

    to see how you would have done in the 48 months prior to this period you mentioned?
  8. ovations


    I will try. thank you.
  9. Remiraz


    7% return a month makes you one of the top wall street pros.

    Two statisical tally has been made and both agree that around 83% to 95% of traders lose money.

    So if you make money, you're top 10% to start with.

    7% returns a month is 225% for 12 months or 1 year compounded. Lets assume u do a modest 100% a year instead. 100% a year will put you among the top traders in the world.

    Even the mighty Warren Buffett only manages to average about 24.9% p.a. returns over the span of his career. (i read it somewhere lol) The Turtles and Richard Dennis managed 80% p.a. and were hailed as "pros". (this story cannot be confirmed however) Most funds are simply happy to do 10-30% p.a. returns.

    If you can indeed keep up this edge of yours, you will become a trading superstar.
  10. ovations


    Thank you Remiraz. I am just a hard working poor boy trying to improve my family living. As you can see from my message. i started off with very small capital and i have only traded for about 6 months. I will try to keep this performance. As Mahras2 rightly points out, I will try to keep my right trading principals and build up my capital. All I posted in this forum are honestly from my heart. Thank you Remiraz once again for your encouragement. In August I lost about 1.3% of my capital. It made me to have self doubt. Thank you once again for all your great kindness and encouragement.
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