6 Police Officers Shot During Raid. 1 Dead

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  1. Six officers and the alleged gunman were shot. The conditions of the five other injured officers range from serious to critical, according to the Ogden Police Department.

    Francom and other members of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force were attempting to serve a warrant about 8:40 p.m. at 3268 Jackson Ave. when a gun battle erupted.

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    I saw this on the news last night. Naturally we'll need to ban assault weapons.
  3. Cops are just plain stupid by default. Talk about perfect timing.
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    Is this politics or religion? I can't tell.
  5. I wonder what the warrant was about? OMG!! Was he doing weed!! We've all seen Reefer Madness haven't we, but some crazy people still endanger themselves with that stuff and it's our job to stop them!!

    Why serve a warrant like that anyhow? Going through the door, the front people are easy to take out before anybody realizes what's up almost... I'd wait until he was walking somewhere and I could contain him before he had a chance to go into action...

    The drug dealers are smarter than that come to think of it!! I remember, way back in the day, my connection got busted.. he'd been selling everything you can think of out of an apartment and probably thinking that nobody noticed [big mistake usually], so he was out on bail and rounding up people to try to figure out who ratted him out.. I was hoofing it to the pawn shop [a drug user headed to the Pawn Shop, what next?] and this lowered '57 Pontiac 4dr slides up next to me with the back door open and somebody says "get in"... I didn't know they were out for blood so I said hi and I got in... it turned into a rolling interrogation, I didn't rat anybody and they figured that out after awhile..