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  1. PKJR


    That is true - however, if you run different applications at the same time it is very beneficial since they can use different processors and not the same CPU cycles. TS6 is not multi-threaded however, its predecessor 2000i is. ALso last time I talked to Omega, they are working on multi-threading in TS6.
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  2. nitro


    Here is my setup


    I use six flats (one of them is not pictured) all connected to one computer (P4 dual 1.7 Xeon with 1GB of RAMBUS RAM) with one Matrox G200 MMS digital Quad and one G550 dual DVI.

    I also use TS6. I have 25 workspaces open, with 21 windows open per workspace with two stocks (so a total of about 200 charts) and several indicators per chart.

    TS gave me a lot of trouble UNTIL Kymar made the following suggestion:


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  3. cas


    I run 5 monitors each with an individual card (1 AGP, 4 PCI) the system:

    -Dual CPU 600mzh Dell (about 1 1/2 yr old)
    -512 RDRAM
    -Win2k SP2

    I run the following:

    -FirstAlert (Full FAT version) doing numerous tick by tick filters
    -Cybertrader ( 6 L2's, 8 1 min charts)
    -Opera (1 auto refreshing window)
    -3 IE windows
    -Outlook Express
    -RogerWilco (voice chat)
    -a few misc programs ( time keeper, DNS, ZoneAlarm, Trillian, etc)

    The system is stable, and handles the open/close volume without any problems. I generally have 100mb of free ram, even with FA using 120+ by the close. IMO, the biggest aspect of how it runs is Win2k. I re-boot it every other week as a habit..but I don't need to re-boot it.

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  4. win 2k will handle it with no problem
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    Just curious - do you see the difference in quality between g550 and 200MMS?

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  6. nitro



    I never really thought about it - The four 18" are all on the G200 Quad and the two 15" are on the G550. It is not really fair to compare them in this manner as the 18" are digital capable monitors and the 15" are not, and I am using the digital capabilities of the G200 on the 18".

    Inspite of that, I can tell you that _ALL_ my screens are sharp and steady and bright, and both cards work outstanding. I use to program for a living and look at a computer all day long. I use to come home "eye-tired" from it , sometimes with a headache (I tried all kinds of glasses - didn't work) - I have been looking at these screens for almost a year now every day for 8+ hours and I never ever have eye strain.

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  7. i bought mine from Mass Multiples and i think they are awsome...and affortable intergrated multi monitor solutions...check them out at www.massmultiples.com tell them maverick sent ya..haha
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  8. Thanks for all the input -- very helpful.

    A few more questions for Nitro:

    (1) Are you using Win 2K Pro?

    (2) Where did you buy your system -- particularly your flat screen set-up.

    Thanks again.

    (I'm starting to think that maybe my problems w/ my 3 monitor set-up might be related to WIN 98 -- like one poster pointed out)

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  9. gnome


    I ran my system (4 monitors) on W98 for 3 years. Constantly on the verge of gumming up. Get Win2000 Pro and your problems will probably disappear.
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  10. Tony01


    I agree. Win98 sucks if you're serious about trading. I use Win2k Pro. It blows away Win98 in terms of reliability. It's never crashed on me in almost 2 years!
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