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  1. I would like to upgrade from 3 to 6 monitors.

    I would really appreciate any input on the following questions:

    (1) Can I do this using one CPU (say a P4) and still have the system remain stable?? I use Tradestation 6 which is a huge System Resources hog. In addition I have several Java applications open (for ECN books, etc). Also, I keep 2-3 IE windows open as well as my Outlook Express!

    Am I asking for trouble by trying to use 6 monitors?? I use 3 now and the system is always on the verge of locking up (usually have only 25-30% free resources while trading).

    (2) Would it be better to use a dual processor motherboard (say with the Intel XEON processors??

    (3) Finally, since I do have 1 dsl line and 1 cable connection, should I just use 2 CPU's with 3 monitors on each?? (kind of a pain to have to use 2 keyboards and 2 mice).

    Thanks for the help!!

  2. If you are already having problems with 1 computer and 3 monitors it seems like your best bet is to go with 2 computers and 3 monitors each.
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    I agree on the tradestation and resource issue. If you are running Tradestation 6 and other applications at the same time, I would think that you would have a hot new latest and greatest, max'd out system (P4 , 512 MB min (not sure for 6 monitors))

    I would suggest checking with the prop firms to see their arrangement. PM Bright or Echo and go directly to the source.

    just my 2 cents.
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    I run the following system with no major problems/crashes:
    TS6 - 5 workspaces - each 12 charts
    ESignal with AdvCharts ( 15 charts)
    chat windows
    broswer windows open - usually 2
    WinXp pro

    4 monitors

    My system is dual Pent (1Ghzx2) / 512Mb RAM

    sustem built by a local company for a liitle bit over 1K

    It runs usually 30-50% CPU and 40% memory

    Runs great!
  5. As for keyboards & mice you might consider a switch box setup.
    I have used a switch box A B C D switch to use one keyboard and one mouse for up to 4 CPUs. Surprising how quick you get used to just flipping the switch for the CPU, apps and monitors you want.
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    I've been looking for something like this. Where did you buy it and who is the manufacturer?

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  8. Belkin Components, I got mine from Compusa but I'm sure CDW or some of Banjo's links would do it. I use the manual ones but now there are electronic switches you might want to check out.
  9. My system:
    Intel PIII 500Mhz
    1GB PC133 RAM
    Matrox G200mms /quad
    18.2GB Ultra 160
    (2) 19" CRTs
    (2) 18" LCDs

    Tradestation 6 Platform running on XP Pro.

    My trading platform runs solid, however, I dont like running anything else on it while I'm trading. After all it is a Microsoft Windows Product!

    I do run: MedVed Quote Tracker, mIRC, HedgeHog Trading Program(XL) based, (2) IE browser on my DELL Inspiron 8000

    If you must have (6) monitors. My advice to you would be to at least FDISK and Format you HDD, then do a fresh install of Win XP Pro. Load just TS6, then note you system resources. If you go below 50% free at that point. I wouldn't suggest loading a bunch of other crap or even having more than one other application open while trading on that system. With a system that taxed, eventually it will fail on you. Its not worth it to add even more risk to your trading is it??

  10. >>"(2) Would it be better to use a dual processor motherboard (say with the Intel XEON processors??<<"

    One other thing. It won't do you any good to run a dual motherboard system with two procs, even a quad board with quad procs. Simply because the trading platform is not designed to make use of more than one proc. You'd need a multi-threaded trading platform, designed to load balance off the 2 or more available procs. To my knowledge their isn't an Out of the Box, trading platform out there designed to make max use of available high-powered hardware. However, if so, running it on a Linux or possibly NT/2000 environment would be the ultimate in stability.

    Talk about system resources.....you'd notice some serious speed running a multi-threaded O/S & Trading-App, w/ multiple branch prediction, simultaneous multiple & parallel execution.


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