6 monitors, different video cards, having PROBLEMS!

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    Hi, noob virgin here, so go easy if i sound dumb, ok?

    I have an asus A8NSLI deluxe mobo, and three cards.

    Two colorgraphi xentera GTs, and one brand new NVIDIA GeForce 9500Gt, so my kids can play some games.

    Windows xp, new install, just three months ago

    I have had two monitors set up playing a video game on the 9500 fine.

    Previously, for the last four years, i have had four monitors on the two xenteras, once again with no probs

    When i put the new card in, i couldnt get any of the xenteras to work. A driver guide suggested to make it the default in bios, which i did

    Since then, i can get the four xentera monitors to work, but i cant get the computer to recognise the screens on the 9500!

    When i right click the display and settings, only the four xenteras exist.

    Yes, they are all plugged in, etc, and are all working INDEPENDENTLY of each other, but i cant get the xenteras and the 9500 monitors to be found and used at the same time.

    All help much appreciated!

    ps- I am hoping for a quick fix, not wanting to run out and buy more video cards!
  2. My guess is that your Nvidia graphics card that is a x16 PCI-Express slot card has a conflict any time that you try to run your Xentera cards in your PCI slots. It might be motherboard related. I came across the same kind of conflict when using a Dell Vostro computer in which I could not use any graphics cards in any of the extra PCI slots, while using the x16 PCI-Express slot.

    It also doesn't help that you've got two cards ( Nvidia vs Xentera ) that run different chip sets . . . meaning you're trying to run an Nvidia card with an ATI based microprocessor card.

    That's usually a big "No No".

    One must always try to stay with the same "brand" and family of graphics card microprocessors when using additional PCI slots.

    But with that having been said, there does seem to be some conflicts arising from newer computers ( and motherboards ) whenever a x16 Express slot card is used. It seems to "block" out everything else, even if you make adjustments inside of your computers BIOS for additional graphics cards in your lower PCI slots.
  3. FWIW... I got my Vostro to run 4 monitors in a test. An NVS 290 PCIEx16 and a 280 PCI card.

    Wouldn't even boot with a video card in the PCIEx1 slot... either alone or with another card.
  4. Sounds like you've got enough video cards... you just need another computer.. :D
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    don't complicate things...


    i.e. keep all the video cards the same
    (at least the same brand/same series, so that they use the same driver.)

    for a 2 monitors set up... any dual-outlet video card would do.
    (e.g. nVidia game cards)

    but if have more than 2 monitors... the graphic card power draw becomes a concern.
    you either have to get the cards with lower power ratings,
    or install a matching power supply.

    for the current generation of game cards, they typically draw 65w.
    if you have 3 cards... that's 3x65= 195w !!!
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    Dont both the xentera and the 9500 use the ATI Radeon 9000 chipset?

    I just got the card that the computer tech guy in the shop suggested

    I could always either

    i) return the 9500 and get something else that may be more suitable

    or ii) keep the 9500 and get something else.

    iii) upgrade mobo etc, but i really would like to avoid it

    Strange thing is i can get all the xenteras to work, or the two 9500s, depending on what i boot in bios first, but not all 6 at once
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  8. Even having all the cards from the same maker is not a guarantee they will work together....

    ATI is mostly in the performance and gaming market, not "multi-card workstation". If you can't get the ones you have to work together, then you should get cards which are designed to so so... like Nvidia Quadro NVS or Matrox.
  9. Did u go to your BIOS and make the PCI slot the primary slot?
  10. No, they are not.
    Nvidia and ATI are competitors!

    The GeForce 9500 is an Nvidia chipset.
    The Xenteras uses an ATI chipset.
    Apples and Oranges.

    And as Gnome stated in the post above, even using graphics cards from the same manufacturer ( and chipset ) will not always guarantee no conflicts.
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