6 Monitor Stand

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  1. if you can include 10 extra sets of eyeballs, you have a sale.
  2. ya lol thats why I'm selling it....

    3x 32" is alot easier for me but I'm 47 yrs old.
  3. i'll give you $150.
  4. It's brand new lol

    I can return it for a full refund but he shipping cost wil end up being the same as just letting someone in here have it for a good deal.
  5. BwPirt


    You were running this off 1 machine or multiple? I'm not interested in buying, but still wondering.
  6. I bought a super comp with multi outputs (one machine) and I'm selling that too.

    $1600 for both ;)
  7. hmm, really thats why you are selling it? Sounds more like someone who exits trading because..........

    my point is, dont expect gifts from those playing in a shark infested pool. You sound like someone looking for gifts...not gonna happen. I recommend you downward adjust your expectations. Just my 2 cents....
    good luck with your new endeavor.


  8. ummmmmm ya whatever lol

    I've been trading for 27 yrs and always wanted to try a 6 monitor set up.

    2 x 32" is what I prefer.

  9. Hey Poker, is this for the the monitors or just the stand?

    #10     Mar 10, 2011