6 monitor setup

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  1. I presently have a 3 monitor setup With a dual video card and a sinle ATI card. Any one have a setup of 6 monitors .? Any recommendation of video cards combinations i could use .
  2. how many slots u have?
  3. i just set up my 8 monitor set up and its awesome. i had 5 monitors on 1 computer before. this time i got 2 ergotron quad stands and did a 4up 4 down setup using 2 computers, a router and a kvm switch to use 1 mouse and 1 keyboard . the quad stands are awesome as you can tilt the top monitors down to easily see them. i used the cheap generic 128 mg dual video cards from compusa for $49 each and they work great. its done dvi and one analog car on each one. if you don't have dvi monitor just get an adapter for $5 or so
  4. Which graphics card did you use for this set-up?
  5. i just reposted in the older message. it's a compusa generic dual video card $49. works awesome. i have 4 dell 20 's 2001 on the bottom and 4 19 inch 1907's on the top. i'll try to post the picture this week
  6. true but the kvm switch is only $15 at wmt with built in cables.the video cards are called radeon 7000 i think. compu usa brand 128 mb

  7. I think 2 more slots
  8. Adobian


    I was wondering, If your eyes can be confined to only certain visible area, Wouldn't 4 monitors-3 workspace give you an equivalent of 12 monitors ? You might have to flip between workspaces .

    It might slow you down though. Anyone here uses several workspace ?
  9. I monitor about 4 currencies at a atime. When there is a fast movement it is diifficult for me to switch over then have to sort of read the chart again . I find when looking at a chart with out switching back and forth it doesnt break the rhythm . Right now i use 1 monitor for 2 hr chart another for 30 min and have a 5 min for entry on 3rd. Each on has 2 currencies on each . Would be nice to cover 4 at a time .
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