6-Monitor Setup

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  1. That's nice but probably not commercially viable for another few years.

    Anything else -- planning to run 6 x 21.5"s
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    i have been running 6 monitors for years...instead of blowing 750 bucks for those monitor stands...i just used old dictionarys...stacked em up and set the monitors on them...they work just fine.

    also those big paver bricks will work also

    save a few bucks....
  3. you can use 3 of these


    but instead of mounting them to ceiling mount them to desk. works well if you wooden desk. or if your desk if by the wall just get 3 wall lcd mounts


    750 for a rack is just ridicules.
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    As cheap as it gets:

  5. That sounds good. And reasonably priced.

    The only concern I would have is:

    The mount uses a G-clamp, which will be attached to the far edge of the desk. A typical desk is about 2.5' in length. You would pretty much have to sit right against the near side edge of your desk, or else the monitor display will be too far to read the details comfortably. For a typical 22-23" monitor, we typically view from about 1.5' to 2' away.
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