6 in 10 Repub thought humans created 10,000 years ago

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  1. 6 in 10 Republicans said they thought that humans were created, in their present form, 10,000 years ago according a Gallup poll taken last summer, a belief shared by only 40% of independents and 38% of Democrats.

    There is an abundance of scientific evidence that humans have existed in the present form for hundreds of thousands of years. The Pope has expressed his view that there is no contradiction between his interpretation of the bible and the science of evolution - that is you can be a Christian and accept that God acts through the laws of nature and through what is observed to be the mechanism of evolution.

    The bible is not a science text book, it does not reveal the detailed mechanism by which humans are created by God - no more than it is a text book on rocket science.

    Why do Republicans always believe God is on their side and that they alone have insights into the work of God?

  2. Only 6 out of 10?

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    and ten out of ten atheists think obama descended from a chimp

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  5. Of all the bizarre things I've realized about the right after coming here, this is the one that I will never understand. The right always bemoan the tendency for others to suggest that they're... well, not the sharpest knives in the drawer. And yet we have stats like this. How fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that humans have been on the planet for 10,000 years? If you believe that, you can easily believe in the Tooth Fairy as well. What's the difference?

    I always believed idiots like peilthetraveller (the poster boy for unthinkable ignorance and cruelty) were exceptions among the right. Apparently not.
  6. How does it make you feel that 38% of democrats believe that?
  7. Sick to my stomach (and surprised - I admit that I didn't click the link, my bad). HWCBM (He Who Cannot Be Mentioned) shows us that the far left are not immune to religiously informed idiocy.

    The fact that more than half again as many on the right believe something that's so fucking absurd is still pretty instructive. I could delete the post above but I'm honest so I'll let it stand.
  8. Who is HWCBM? Please mention him because I am not sure who you are making reference to.
  9. What is a human? I say a Human is a being that has a civilization with functioning governments. A written language.. Farming, Domestication. A peoples who have the ability to learn from previous generations.

    Before10,000 years ago this did not exist. Somehow this knowledge came to the humans within the last 10,000 years. Was it evolution or divine?

    If we encountered the people pre 10,000 years ago we might conclude they belong in a zoo. The people of post 10,000 years could be our neighbor.
  10. Who is the most disgusting, hypocritical, lying bastard on this site? A member of the far left? The most hated member of this site?

    I cannot name him because Joe the Mod, acting on Baron's orders, told me that if I do, I will be banned from the site forever ('I'll take you out for good'). I used to hammer this member into the ground repeatedly when he tried to post his bullshit, and he got frustrated so he cut a deal with Baron where he changed his username in return for getting me banned if I so much as mentioned his name around here.

    So I can't tell you who it is, but I'm sure you can figure it out. Most hated, extremist left winger, tends to make the same post over and over again.
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