6 brits dead..

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    That's what happens when Afghanistan gets invaded by foreign armies. Russians withdrew after 10 years, Allies have done 11 but it's a losing fight.
    Iran? Suddenly Iran is waging war all around the world when Israel and the US are making plans to invade. Get real.
    Israelis are doing everything they can to make Iran look bad. I wonder what will Mossad organize next, who's the next target? Bangkok was the first obvious one.
  3. lets not paint Iran saints and Israel has a right to fear Iran. i think Israel just wants the worlds ok before it attacks.
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    True-the afgans know there how to battle- If I was the boss I would unleash the nukes on shitty little afganistan, but UK/USA cannot unleash the nukes- due to politics- if we did- the chinks/russians get involved- like the problem in syria
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    russia has a naval base in syria- so there is no chance they will want to give up that.Its like the Royal Navy- they have bases in gibraltar /dover/ and north of scotland- so they can effectievely cut off all the major water ways if they wish to
  6. Real classy.

    Let me guess, you are from the country they term the nation of Yobs?
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    They are trying to paint this picture of Iran as a nation full of crazies, so the average Joes get scared and the politicians in the west won't lose popularity when the attack actually happens.
    Iran is no saint but neither is Israel, they won't attack as they really want and need US support to do it. US taxpayers will foot the bill in the end and Israel will get rid of another one of their enemies, that's how it goes in that region.
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    Chinks= people from China
  9. Education = Chinese instead of that derogatory term.

    African American instead of the horrible 'n' word.

    American instead of gringo.

    Oh, never mind, what's the use.