$6 billion lawsuit filed against SAC Capital

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by taodr, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. taodr


  2. Is he saying hedge funds don't make their money in the fair and level playing field of the market???

  3. hmmm, that's what happens once you become a public listed company: you become fair game.

    sounds to me that they are blaming the stock market for their own piss poor performance.

    ah well, what's new

    vital statistics
  4. jerryz


    this company sues on wednesday and guess what happens on thursday? the company announces an earnings restatement. kind of justifies the shorting then, don't you think?

    what the heck is wrong with these companies? same thing with overstock. they accuse hedge funds of collusion to short their stock (which is probably true), but then they don't deliver clean financial statements.
  5. then they should short like everybody else. That means, no dirty tricks, legit borrows, and don't manipulate research or the press.
  6. syrre


    This wud never happen in Europe. No offence.
  7. What would never happen in Europe, Market Manipulation?
  8. yeah...pleeeeeeeeeease.