6.7 gpa valedictorian to be deported

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-1574...ms-faces-deportation-in-florida-28488313.html

    So the first thing she says is that she wants to be a heart surgeon. And near the end she says that if she is deported, her life will be over.

    This just shows you how bad our schools are. If someone with a 6.7 GPA thinks that you can only be a heart surgeon in this world if you go to a university in the US, the that says to me, she is not very smart.

    What will happen if she is deported? Well, she will go to a school that costs very little instead of paying $50k per year in the US. If she goes to a university in brazil, then she can go for free because her GPA is so high.

    Her parents broke the law and now she has to suffer for their mistake. Let this be a lesson to other people that bring their kids here. We need to make an example out of her. But in all probabilty, her life will be just find in her home country....maybe even better because she wont be burdened with so much debt.

    She thinks its not fair that she is getting deported? She got a free ride on our public education system. Dont effing tell me about what is fair.
  2. A 6.7? What does that even mean? Is it on a scale of 10.0? :confused:
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    Tsing Tao

    I've never heard of a scale going higher than 4.0. Where the hell is this college?
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    That was my 1st question.

    My second question was why would she be deported unless she has a criminal record? Obama's INS only deports criminals.

    My third question is who is this judge? Can we get him to rule on the deportation of Obama? :D
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    6.7? I'm impressed.

    The best I could do was 4.0
  6. You can get extra points for extra courses but ,in reality,no more than 4.5
  7. AP classes can get your GPA higher than 4.0. Usually it doesnt go higher than 5 at the most. After doing a little digging on my own I think I figured it out. Her high school, North Miami High School, is a pretty ghetto school with a high dropout rate. Their standards are so much lower than other schools. Their reading proficiency rate is 21% vs the states 59%. Its mostly an all black school. (12 whites to 1100 blacks and 180 hispanics and 12 asians and 2 native americans) 71% of the students are on the free lunch program.

    So I've come to the conclusion that classes there are probably on a much lower level there. Getting a 4.0 in that school would be equal to getting a 2.0 somewhere else. Whatever college she applied to is going to reweigh her scores by looking at the classes she took.

    But in short...the high school padded her GPA. That's how she got a 6.7.
  8. I looked around too re the 6.7, (but not too hard) seems to be a weighted gpa based on an excel spreadsheeit full of forumals.
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    Given a gpa of "6.7" (whatever that means), I think a look at her SAT or ACT score would be a lot more revealing as to whether we're dealing with some "mistreated genius" here.
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    Maybe not.

    I never took the SAT or ACT. I was waived from taking them and admitted to engineering school based on high-school performance.

    Not everybody has to take those tests.
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