6/6/2011 I predict 4.20 a gallon gasoline

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  1. My prediction is Gasoline will cost 4.20 a gallon come next year by june.

    Gold and Silver are priced with the expectation of 1980s inflation kicking up.
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    Did u use a magic ball ??

  3. He said 4.20 per gallon. That number comes up with someones been smoking a little too much reefer.

    My prediction is it will be $5 per gallon or more by then.
  4. I predict $3 or $2.50 per gallon.
    However there will be so much unemployment and the economy will be so weak that it will feel like $6/gal now.
  5. I just filled up my SUV today with premium for 1.89/gallon. Thanks to Giant foodstore....
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    So if I'm reading these forums correctly this is what's happening to gas:

    - Since oil prices are tied to the dollar, and the dollar is dropping, oil prices rise as we get less oil for our dollar
    - as the government keeps pumping money into the system, there's a big fear of inflation (or the government wants inflation, whatev's) pushing commodities up
    - India makes announcements that they will need 40% more oil in the next ten years, driving speculation
    - I forgot what I was gonna put here
    - and D, investors are all confused as to were to invest so they speculate on things like oil that arent as scary or confusing

    At least that's what I am taking away from reading these forums the last 3 weeks

    Gas = 3.25 to 3.50 per gallon as the new norm by summer 2011
  7. KINGOFSHORTS - How about filling in a few economic details here to convince the rest of us to buy RB11N.


  8. yoohoo! are we playing Price Is Right? in that case, 4.21