6.371 Double EMA???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tampa, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. tampa


    Does anyone know of a charting program that provides Double EMAs?

    I've seen some really, really interesting results using the 6.371, but my software can't duplicate it...
  2. 6.371? wake up man! every one knows it's 6.294!!
  3. You are both wrong. PI*2 = 6.2832
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    You're joking - right?

    The work that I have seen from Mathis and Rundy out of the Univ. of Pennsylvania is mind-blowing. It has validity for both stocks and futures.

    If it does not fit your needs, than so be it - but take a long and hard look at it before knocking it.

    It is the most amazing indicator I have ever seen. Go to their web site and see for yourself - it's free.
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    What is a "double EMA"? The EMA of a EMA?
  6. Actually, if you are a fan'o the Fibb, then the answer is either

    6.1803 = 10/(GoldenRatio)


    6.4721 = 4*GoldenRatio

    (Just goes to show you that you can find any "magic" number that is close to any other number you pick)
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    Go on smart ass, make fun of it.

    I think we all know where you are coming from - Fantasy Land.
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    You can do that easily with Ensign.

    Most, if not all, of the indicators in Ensign allow you to choose what you want as the input to the indicator - that input can be another indicator.

    I've used it to play with triple EMA's. Feeding an EMA into another EMA, making a "double" EMA, then feeding that into another EMA, making a "triple".
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    But will it do fractional averages - i.e. 6.371?
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