5th plane on 09/11/2001

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  1. I remembered today when I watching 9/11 attacks live on BBC there were reports that a 5th plane was being moved into USA air space. 2 planes crashed into the world trade center. 1 plane crashed into the pentagon. 1 plane crashed in the farms far away. All the USA airports were shut down and all the planes were grounded. The BBC report about the 5th plane appeared some 1 or 2 hours (not sure) after the first plane crashed into the World trade center. What happened to the 5th plane? Any information regarding this.
  2. it flew away
  3. E4B's (command and control aircraft) were filmed over both New York and the Pentagon right during the false flag attacks as was a C-130 right by the Pentagon during that false flag show.

  4. Huh? All the planes involved in the attack never left the US air space to begin with. At any rate, there was a lot of confusion and false reports in the first couple of hours. There were unconfirmed reports on TV about dozens of planes having being hijacked and several other american cities having been attacked. That's why they are called 'unconfirmed reports'.
  5. who could really blame the pilot for his choice?
  6. When the second plane crashed into the south tower, majority of the fuel caught fire in 2 or 3 seconds and disappeared. I have seen big fuel truck explosions on highways where the all the fuel burned in 2 seconds after an explosion and the fire stopped. This would mean the fire that destroyed the world trade center was wood fire from furnitures. Also there were computers and other products which caught fire. I think wood fire burns at higher temperature than fuel fire. But big woods require some time to catch fire. Just sharing my thoughts. I maybe wrong.
  7. How many people have observed the hijacker pilot of the second plane that crashed into the south tower, moved the plane sharply to the left at the last moment and crashed the plane into the south tower. Otherwise the plane would have crashed somewhere else and the south tower would have been standing there today.
  8. Not just wood, but also papers/cardboard, anything made of plastic, rubber & plastic coating on various types of wiring, flammable cabinetry, synthetic materials in the carpeting, chairs and desks, etc. Much of what you see in a standard office is indeed flammable.

    Are drywall and ceiling panels flammable as well? If so, then those too.
  9. I think some woods have some kind of fuel in them. They burn more and maybe at high temperature. Maybe the furnitures in the towers were made of fuel wood.
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