5min view vs. x Ticks view

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  1. This is what you can see in a classic 5min view...
  2. and this is what you can see with a X Ticks view. Much clearer isn't it?
  3. an other classic view
  4. and the perfect view in x ticks
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    You get set-ups that appear on the tick view that don't appear on the 5-min, and set-ups that appear on the 5-min that don't appear on the tick.

    At the end of the day, the timeframe does not really matter. What matters is picking one and sticking to it.
  6. hmmm ... seems to me in the 1st example that

    the clear breakout occured in both timeframes

    @ 11 am
  7. Completely agree.

    That's why there's no such thing which chart interval is better than the other.

    Also, if someone wants to increase the odds of getting more trade signals...

    They should try reducing (lowering) their chart interval.

    Yet, such give the illusion that trade signals are clearer or easier to see.

    It's also dependent upon the trade management.

    Reason why you'll hear some traders say there's more noise on lower chart intervals because their trading style is different (swing trader versus day trader).

    It just boils down to how active you want to be every hour of the trading day.

    Me personally, I prefer lower chart intervals.

    However, after entry...I tend to increase my chart interval if I get clues it could be a trend day...increasing the interval helps me to better manage my exits to prevent early exits.

    It's an edge.


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    I like this one-second DSP chart;