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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by GordonTheGekko, Nov 11, 2011.

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    The 5 minute Stolchastic indicators have been an extraordinarily reliable method for trading high volume indexes, such as the ES or SPY. When things aren't going well, I occasionally revert to them and they have yet to fail me.

    I'm just curious if anyone uses them to any extent, and if anyone has a "fall back" method for when a system or trading plan doesn't go well...
  2. Why don't you use it all the time if it's that good?

    Yes, they're used just like everything else
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    Because they only show three or five entries per day, there are more lucrative methods and systems. I do use them allot though, just curious on others' opinions...
  4. Quality > Quantity
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    Except quality and quantity is better than just quality - even just the machine wars (HFT) work great, but the field is always changing! :D
  6. Lucrum


    You should just about own the world by now then.
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    How much did you pay for your house?

    Also I'll be posting a daily trading journal on Monday, in regards with my friend HatetheRisk. Hopefully we can inspire some beginner trading enthusiasts that becoming a multimillionaire isn't all that difficult these days, as well as support friends (mentally) who are in a drop down. And also make the rude guys feel stupid and rate the threads one star.

    Learn some things about trading before assuming anyone with high returns will be 'owning the world'... for example, the difference between day trading 500 ES contracts and 500,000? [​IMG]
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    A lot more than it's currently worth

    So how long have you already been a millionaire?

    I know a few things about trading.

    I'm also gifted with being able to recognize bull shit when I see it.
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    "I'm also gifted with being able to recognize bull shit when I see it"

  10. Gordon!!!!! Shut up!! That was a "secret only the professionals know"

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